The chick you hate

This actress had for sure a wonderful childhood.
This actress had for sure a wonderful childhood.

We all hate someone to death one day or another. Otherwise life would be as tasteless as a sugarfree donut. Wether it be in your math class, your company or your macrame course, there is always at some point a moment when you cannot stand a certain chick.

Actually you would rather stapple her to the wall, hanging her by one ear. You’ve surely already been through one of these situations:

The chick you hated, hate and will hate forever

She is typically the chick you imagine in front of you when your bodycombat teacher aks you to hit stronger, or the chick you visualize when your psychologist asks you to picture someone to release all your anger during the 500€ rebirth therapy your colleague Shirley recommended you to try.

You love hating her, pointing her countless defects and feeling amazing next to her. You know it is an inalterable process and it cheers you up. It is the Paris Hilton principle. And it is good for mankind.

The girl you consider adorable but who is actually the living reincarnation of the Devil

The worst kind of all, the one that makes you loose faith in humanity. You thought butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, you trusted her, shared days and nights with her.

All this so that one day she turns out to reveal the hidden bitch she was from the beginning. All this so that one day she stabs a javelin in your stomach. All this so that you understand that SHE was hating you from the beginning.

The chick you hated the first time you met her but who will become your best friend

You have not seen coming this one ! Well, you actually have : from far away you have seen coming this urticating, simpering airs-wrapped chick acting like everybody else is drosophila frozen shit. Against all odds, she eventually deigned to address the ordinary subject of her court you are.

You made her laugh. And, surprisingly, she made you laugh too. You realize that under the top coat was hiding the coolest chick ever who was only asking to share her own awesomeness that she was heavily carrying like a burden with some spirited rejoinder from you. You gradually discover her astonishing qualities and don’t focus on her small defects. In a snap of a finger, the chick you hate became your best friend.

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